May 3

In addition to throwing a great party and putting us up for a couple days (thanks guys :-) Fred took us on a hike today to some hills nearby that have some prehistoric petroglyphs. It was good to stretch our legs and Amber and Romeo enjoyed it as well:

Later we took Barry and Jeannie down to Albuquerque. Their flight is early tomorrow so we had dinner and dropped them off at their hotel. We cannot possibly thank them enough for all they did for us on this move. You guys rock!

May 2

Moved the bus a few miles down the road to JJ and Fred's house just in time for their annual Kentucky Derby party - right on our planned schedule:

Smokey knows cat people:

Fred is part of a Cuban salsa band and they played a set after the race was over:

A fine day indeed:

May 1

Took Barry and Jeannie up to the ski valley to see the house we'll be renting for the next ten months or so until ours is done. On the way up you go through a canyon along the Rio Grande. When you emerge from the canyon there is a spectacular view of the Rio Grande Gorge cut into the mesa:

Next stop along way is the town of Taos which is mostly famous for being an artist community. It was also the home of the famous explorer and guide Kit Carson:

From the mesa you can see the mountains just to the south of the ski valley:

And we're home!

The view from our condo - still some good skiing if you're willing to hike:

Stopped at our rental house for a beverage and some views:

And finally the house. Hopefully they'll be starting construction again soon: