April 30

Rolled into New Mexico at 10:15am Mountain Time and made it to just outside Santa Fe:

After climbing over 3000 feet to 7200 feet we took a break at the world famous Cline's Corner Travel Center - what, you haven't heard of it?

Found a nice campground to hang out at for a couple days and recharge batteries and make sure the cats don't have any altitude sickness:

April 29

Another state - Texas - and another town - Amarillo:

Connected with Barry and Jennie who are driving our car to NM for us. We had dinner at The Big Texan where you can get a free 72 ounce steak if you can eat it plus all the trimmings in under an hour:

Of course none of us went for that, but Barry did taste the toothpick that was in the jalapeno pepper and wished that he hadn't:

"But I only licked it..."

April 28

In Elk City, OK and almost to Texas now. Two days from Albuquerque - starting to get excited about getting to New Mexico:

Willow sat on the dash today with the engine started but jumped down before we started moving. Will she be my copilot before the trip is over?

It's windmill country out here:

April 27

Chillin in Tulsa. The view from the river walk and April and Kelly with some wild hair in the parking lot: