April 26

Had a false start this morning - I could shift into fourth but not third (oops) and headed back to Voss Truck Port for adjustments. Now third is easy and I can get fourth using my foot :-) Nothing like an extra level of difficulty to make bus travel interesting.

The solution they came up with was to install a second shifter under the stearing column so I have first and second on the column. Then to get into third I put the main shifter into neutral and then pull up on the new shifter to get into third. To shift into fourth I have to push down on the new shifter with my foot at exactly 45 mph. Simple huh?

After all that we ended up making over 300 miles today and have stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a couple days:

April 25

Made all of 32 miles after losing third and fourth gear to a broken shifter linkage. We're now in Cuba, Missouri and the local truck repair shop has come up with a creatice solution which we will road test in the morning. If it doesn't work we'll have to consider alternate transportation since with only first and second top speed is 27 mph. Stay tuned...

April 24

Pulled into the Stanton, Missouri KOA around 6:30 and we're all settled down for the night after a minor issue with the starter on the bus. Fortunately tech support (Otto) was available :-)

We're well over half way to Taos now:

We had lunch this afternoon in Litchfield, Illinois at the Ariston Cafe which is one of the high points on Route 66. It's been in the same family since the 20's and the atmosphere, service, and food were all outstanding:

After lunch and a cat nap we put on a ZZ Top casette tape that I made in the 80s and rocked on down the road:

April 23

Back on the road today, made it to Bloomington-Normal, Illinois:

After a late start we did get onto Route 66 driving for the first time:

One of the must sees is the Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Drive-in:

As we approached Bloomington we had our first mechanical issue - clogged fuel filter. This is a common diesel engine problem and April's dad had everything on board needed to change the filters - thanks Otto!

To end the day I executed a three-point turn and then parallel parked - no easy task with a 38 foot vehicle with manual steering. Later on a Jag pulled in to keep Silvia company: