May 6

After spending a good part of the day getting the house ready for a cat storm (moving furniture into a safe room, replacing sheets/covers/pillows with our stuff, etc) we packed up the rest of the beasts for the last 700 foot climb:

Everyone is now together in our home for the next 10 months or so, and that marks the end of our journey after 2600 miles and 19 days.

If you've been following along we hope you appreciate the updates, and look forward to seeing you when you come visit us in the Taos Ski Valley:

May 5

Made the final climb to the ski valley - 20 miles and 2000 feet:

First part of the trip is relatively flat and then you enter a box canyon and the road gets steeper and steeper:

Took the hill mostly in 2nd gear at around 25mph and had to downshift for the last pitch to 1st. Topped the hill at around 10mph and blew the horn. We parked in the RV section of the ski valley parking lot:

Have a lot of work to cat proof the rental house so I get to spend one more night in the bus but Wendy and April are home:

May 4

On the last leg of the journey now. Moved the bus to a campground just north of Taos in preparation for rolling up to the ski valley in the morning:

We can almost see our destination from here:

Bailey waiting for a call on her cell: